DM Media is a software development company based in North Sydney, Australia.

We develop great software for Mobile, Desktop and Web whether working on in-house products or with clients to achieve outstanding results.

Working with the latest technologies DM Media has collaborated with both funded and bootstrapped startups, established businesses, not-for-profits and individuals and is always looking to work with people who are passionate about their businesses and products.

We build for web, desktop and mobile and we also love gadgets, APIs, SDKs and buzz-words so if you have a new device you need built for let us know and we can get it done.

DM Media also contracts into companies as a white-labeled partner on arrangement, so if you have a development project to complete get in touch!


iOS Development, Android Development, Mac Development, Web, PHP, Node.js, MongoDB


Kids? Panic!

Client: DM Media

Push the Panic! Button to instantly entertain your kids!

Give your child your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and watch them struggle to turn the video off as the Kids? Panic! control panel prevents anyone but parents from changing or closing the video! Parents must press the numbered buttons in order to unlock the controls so your child can bite, grab and throw your phone, without the video stopping! (Your phone might not be in great shape though!).

This native iOS app, is getting great reviews on the app store and more importantly is helping parents when they need it most!

View more information at the Kids? Panic! website or download the app from the App Store

Kids? Panic!

Pelotone Website

Client: Pelotone Indoor Cycle Studio

Karen and the Pelotone team have spared no expense in creating the best possible cycle studio.

Their website therefore needs to allow their customers and potential customers the information they need and convey their brand's class.

Built on Silverstripe and integrating with the MindBody API, the Pelotone website is the perfect brand ambassador for this great business.

Website designed by Pollen and developed by DM Media.

Visit the site and grab a ride at Pelotone now!

Pelotone Indoor Cycle Studio

Snarl Traffic


Snarl is the best way to view Australian Traffic.

Attracting over 100,000 unique visitors a month, Snarl is available for iOS, Android, web and mobile.

Snarl's founder is DM Media's founder, so all items apps and sites are built by DM Media.

For more information visit

Little Triggers Website

Client: Little Triggers

Designed by Human Zoo, this site showcases the innovative nature of Little Triggers.

The site incorporates a custom CMS designed with the one-page nature in mind and coded by DM Media, and uses a number of innovative CSS and Javascript techniques to create a great web and mobile experience.

Visit website

Little Triggers
  close project

DM Media's projects are often a collaboration with designers and/or other digital agencies. Often our work is white-labeled so we can't claim ownership of the work, however here are some of the people we help bring their projects to life as well as some kind words from our clients.

  • Chocolate Coded

    Chocolate Coded's team of Master Chocolatiers all have a passion in developing the worlds finest business applications.

    They specialise in developing technology which can be used in the palm of your hand, on a kiosk, the web or at your office.

    Chocolate Coded use only the finest ingredients to create a solution that works for you and your palate and are passionate about delivering critical content to people through intuitive web applications.


    HumanZoo is a consolidation of 18 years within the Graphic Design Industry.

    Establishing relationships and servicing diverse clients from National companies to small dynamic business. Human Zoo and DM Media have collaborated together on many digital projects including Little Triggers,
    Bronzalicious, and JandC advertising to name a few.

    We help bring Human Zoo's ideas and designs come to life.

  • Pelotone

    "DM Media is professional, innovative, trustworthy and reliable.

    They took the time to understand my business and continue to add value far beyond the original brief.

    DM Media is not a service provider, they feel like a partner as committed to the brand and our business success through their expertise, as I am."

    Karen Newham

    Pelotone - Sydney's Premier Indoor Cycle Studio

DM Media - the only ingredient we need.

We only use the finest ingredients in our business application development. DM Media have always delivered and are just as passionate when delivering products for our clients. A must addition for any mobile development.

Sam Marciano
Chocolate Coded
DM Media are fabulous.

Nothing is too hard. They are professional and reliable. I would be lost without them. They make me look good.

Katy Brack
Human Zoo Design
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